Friday, August 18, 2006


A couple photos from the Vancouver VS Ottawa womans finals game at Swanguard Stadium. Vancouver slaughtered the Ottawa 3-0. I wish I had a 300 for some of these shots.


Director Mike Scully is wrapping a feature length wrestling film called Kayfabe. You can take a look at his site at : - I enjoy shooting movie stills; working with actors is a great experience... they tend to be very low maintenace models, full of great ideas.

Wedding number one

This is Wedding number since returning back to Vancouver. I love the freedom of being a second shooter.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

The Peek section of last week's newspaper. I am a little behind on my postings. For your viewing pleasure, check out tomorrow's edition off the website.
I have been very busy lately and have once again neglected to update my blog. For those of you who view frequently... I am deeply sorry. I will however, try and catch up. The next few posts will include pictures from the Vancouver Whitecaps playoff game, a fire photo from Mitchell Island and photos from the horrible oil spill that occurred in Squamish.

tear sheets, galore!

An update on my tear sheets. Please leave me some feedback and let me know if you still want the originals posted!